Crete For Life is a child focused charity that works on practical projects to make an immediate – but hopefully lasting - impact on children’s lives. What we do Since 2005, our main project is an annual restorative, fun filled holiday on Crete for sick children, who might otherwise never have a holiday. We have welcomed children coping with life threatening diseases from Greece, Belarus (those affected by the consequences of the Chernobyl’s catastrophe) Syria, Iraq and from other parts of the world.

Over recent years, in response to the Greek economical crisis and the unprecedented mass migration and refugee crisis, we have moved into other areas of support:

• Helping refugees and migrants on the island of Crete and elsewhere in Greece, giving priority to unaccompanied minors and those most at risk.

• Supporting Crete’s university hospital who serves thousands of children every year. • Providing local children whose families & communities have suffered greatly from the economic downturn with practical help, medical assistance and emotional support.

Why we do it?

 Because we believe everyone, regardless of nationality, race or faith, has unique gifts, talents and contributions to make. Whether born in a socially unsuitable environment or a victim of war, natural or man made disaster, children and young adults are the most vulnerable part of our community, but they are also our major investment and hope for the future.

Our vision is a world where every child has opportunities. Our values We strive to be accountable: as an organisation, we are accountable for everything we do, to our members, founders, donors and to the children and young people we support. We try to be inclusive: We aim to support all children and young people, putting particular focus on those who most need our support. This includes children from families in poverty, with chronic illness and disabilities and those from minority ethnic background.

We want to empower and encourage independence: We believe in supporting disadvantaged children to go on to have better lives and reach their potential. We are a small charity who wants to support disadvantaged children with practical help but also by building personal, positive, warm relationships in the tradition of the Cretan hospitality (φιλοξενία).

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