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manos boat at Xhrissi island, Ierapetra, Crete
iaia with her goat

Crete For Life: A short history

I imagined Crete to be just another crowded holiday destination, until I experienced the welcoming hospitality and the κέφι (kefi) of the Cretans, an untranslatable word describing their spirit of joy, passion and exuberance.

The combination of warm people and the beautiful nature of the island made me feel like a child again, bringing back memories of happy childhood days spent by the sea.

I started to think of ways to share this good fortune; who would benefit more than children who have not been given a fair start in life?

After much talking to friends and relatives and many hours spent at the computer, Crete For Life was started. Many years later and we have achieved much thanks to our donors, volunteers, friends, supporters, sponsors, partners…

Our future ambition is to build a permanent, self–financing, recuperative centre by the sea in southern Crete, to be able to increase the numbers of children we can host, to improve the quality of their experience and to allow for the development of more support programs for them.





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