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Our Mission

We are a Greek non profit association made up of people from different countries who want to help children in need. We host free recuperative breaks for disadvantaged children, to make a positive difference to their everyday lives. We also support children in improving their present quality of life and their future prospects.


For this project we have applied to the AMARIS FOUNDATION. Keep our fingers crossed!


Established in 2005, Crete For Life is a registered charity committed to children and young adults, operating from Crete, Greece. Among other projects, Crete For Life is dedicated to supporting children and unaccompanied minors mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, who are now refugees in Greece.


Crete For life is providing support and assistance to other NGOs and no profit on the ground in Skaramaga, a refugees camp outside Athens, Greece.

For whom?

The camp is hosting circa 3400 refugees, of whom over 1795 are under 18 years, living with either one or both parents or unaccompanied. They have left their families and their countries for survival and a better life; many of these children have endured trauma, poverty, and lack of education. While travelling, they have suffered hardships and dangers.  Some have become separated from their families during long and dangerous journeys; others are sent alone with traffickers and smugglers by parents desperate to deliver their children to safe havens; others still are orphans. All are among the most vulnerable of refugees.


Refugees at Skaramaga’s camp are building a community centre to meet, learn, play, communicate, relax & engage; it will be ready in mid-October 2016. The centre is being sponsored by private and public donors, and an international NGO is providing free WIFI throughout the camp.  The Community centre will create a safe place and a social hub within the camp where the community can come together, combating potential isolation individuals may face. What are needed at the moment are laptops, a printer/scanner and a projector.


Refugees camps such a Skaramaga are places of waiting: on the outcome of asylum applications, family reunification, resettlement etc. By being on line, users of the community centre media room will be able to work on their official papers, stay in touch with their families and loved ones, learn skills and relevant languages, study, watch movies, sport and relax.


Which costs?

Laptops can be bought for around € 200 each: a printer/scanner about € 350 and a suitable projector costs around € 300. All will be new and will have the statuatory guarantee. The present need is for 15 laptops, one printer/scanner, and one projector. Factoring shipping and setup costs, together with software, earphone and other accessories, the cost for each laptop will be €250. Paper and ink will be provided by other charities on site. The total costs for 15 laptops is € 3750 and for laptops, printer/scanner and projector is €4400.

To reach which goals?  

The goal is to provide enough laptops (desktops take up to much space) for groups of children and the adults supervising them, to be on the internet. Most adult refugees have smartphone and they pay for their charges, which in Greece are quite high. To be able to be on Skype, for example, and see and talk to their families on real time, will be priceless. On the other hand, every refugee must follow a complex bureaucracy: it requires many official documents to be printed, signed, copied and sent to various officials. The community currently have nowhere to complete these vital requirements, but the laptops and printer/scanner at the community centre will be available to them 24 hours a day. In addition to this, for example, having available computers will allow children and young adult to learn/refresh their skill and reduce the educational gaps due to their current situation.

2. What are the impacts / objectives the non-profit organization wants to reach with the Amaris Foundation Grant?

The main objective is to make children and young adults independent by having a safe place where to connect with their families, enquiry about their rights, learn, watch a movie and hang out together.  The reason is because, for disenfranchised and disconnected children, having access to internet gives them the ability to reconnect, stay in touch, be together with their loved ones and friends in other countries, in real time. Connecting, keeping community together, allowing education to start again or afresh, allowing to be informed, knowing what happens in theirs and other countries and in the outside world. Their independence will help them to make informed decisions. They can also validate what is asked of them by others and by authorities having first hand information, for example regarding their status. If knowledge is power, independence gives knowledge.   

What is the organization going to do with this grant?

Crete For Life will buy the laptops, printer/scanner, accessories and projector and will consign them directly to the Skaramaga Camp community centre. Crete For Life cooperates with all the other associations working at the camp, such as Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and, in this particular project with the Norwegian NGO “A Drop In The Ocean”. The community centre at Skaramaga will be run by the refugees themselves. The laptops, printer and projector will be used under the migrants’s own supervision and will be kept under lock and key when not in use.

The goals project have to be SMART:

Specific (clear and simple): Computers against isolation, for education, entertainment and social media of children and unaccompanied minors in Skaramaga refugees camp, Greece

Measurable: All children and unaccompanied minors are born in a generation of total computer literacy. Life, whether in any city or at Skaramaga’s camp, is about communication. However, results can be complex to measure: we will monitor the proactive use of computers, their use for didactic/social media usage (how much time will be spent by the children, for which use, with what results?) Together with other NGOs we will measure generally how the community centre will be used and how the needs of the users are met.

Acceptable: (by project stakeholders) We hope so!

Realizable: Definitely!

Time-bond: We anticipate that if the grant is received, we will do everything within a 2/3 weeks periods. We are hoping the project will be completed by 30 /11/2016

3.       How is this project innovative?

How does it help to foster independence?

It has been calculated that due to the huge number of refugees in Greece, the processing of all the asylum and resettlement requests will take up to six years. Camps such as Skaramaga are a new reality in Greece, but they here to stay. It is a horrendous reality that many children and young adults are totally missing out on their most formative years. The vast majority of them are bored, intelligent, kind children, eager to fill their time with something meaningful. Crete for Life would like to offer the possibility of connecting these unfortunate children of Skaramagas to the outside world, via the use of free of charge fast internet.  


Crete For Life is a charity registered in Greece and Italy:

"CRETE FOR LIFE- Η ΚΡΗΤΗ ΔΙΝΕΙ ΖΩΗ" is a charity registered with the tribunal in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Registration n. 2053 831/3633/1076/2005 / Tax N. 998863312

"CRETE FOR LIFE - ITALIA" è un’onlus (organizzazione non lucrativa di utilita' sociale), Protocollo 18629, registrata a Roma, 9/3/2006 n. 2216 serie 3 / Codice Fiscale 97412130581

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To many disadvantaged children, a recuperative and restoring break in south-east Crete can make a world of difference. You can make it happen!

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Crete for Life is the only Greek registered charity of its kind, and the first Cretan children’s charity.  Everybody involved in Crete For Life does so voluntarily and without any compensation, together with people and businesses that offer goods and services free of charge.
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